Dont Tone ALone
Private Training

Private Training

Expect more from yourself

Temptation is all around us to take an easy option: the pub, the can of cola at lunch, that second piece of cake when there’s a birthday at work, the ever-luring fridge door when we’re bored, and of course the sofa. I get it because we’ve all been there… especially the sofa!

“By the time I’m finished, I’m exhausted. But then I feel really fresh and energetic – not subdued, like you do when you’ve been sitting around watching TV”

When you train with Don’t Tone Alone you will become better. Better at managing your diet and physical activity levels. Better at exercising. Better at being confident and feeling great. Better at being you!

Expect more than just a personal trainer

Don’t Tone Alone was started in 2013 to make a difference to everyone, not just those that can afford inflated prices of personal training and commercial gym memberships.

Using ten years of experience working with athletes, office workers, pop stars, older people, and people with disabilities, any perceived difficulty can be overcome to ensure a positive experience, and fitness goals are met. Your experience will be personalised. You will be listened to and supported through your journey to better health.

Expect results

Don’t Tone Alone’s track record speaks for itself. Simply have a look at Don’t Tone Alone’s case studies they speak volumes!

My DTA trainer was excellent, with a clear sense of what he is trying to do, and just the sort of person that I need to push myself and improve my fitness.  He has taken the time to work out sensible and achievable goals, and although the sessions so far have been challenging and hard, I have enjoyed them and see an immediate improvement in my exercise regime.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, email or telephone: 075805 19626.