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Exercise classes, morning routines, sleep meditations & stories, nutritious recipes, motivation & goal setting, breating exercises, a vibrant community and a range of benefits such as accessing health care professionals plus shopping discounts, financial wellbeing services and so much more…

A Vibrant Community

Inclusive Exercise Classes

Live & On-Demand Events

Nutritious Recipes

Relaxation & Breathing Exercises

Motivation & Goal Setting

health & fitness professionals

Additional Rewards & benefits


An interactive community centred on wellness and engagement.

We believe that improved wellbeing is a personal journey, but not one that needs to be travelled alone. Our online community has a team of highly qualified trainers & coaches, ready to motivate, guide, and support individuals on their road to enhanced wellbeing.

Our online community is an established platform with carefully designed features that engage your people to improve their health & wellbeing. Utilising the power of community, we create a supportive environment, led by experienced, compassionate, and enthusiastic professionals with a track record of delivering transformational behavioural change

Construct personalised workouts through exercise tutorials, live & on-demand classes with specialist trainers.

Create peace of mind using breathing exercises, meditations & visualisations.

Start the day well with morning habits, positive emotions and feelings of accomplishment.

Set goals & join group motivation sessions to create accountability & stay on track.

Eat healthily without diets or counting calories using mindful eating resources & low-cost healthy recipes.

Feel connected & less alone by accessing a community of like-minded people experiencing similar health & fitness journeys.

Improve personal awareness & knowledge of nutrition, exercise etc through fact sheets, ebooks, & exclusive webinars.

Book specialist, advanced health & fitness trainers for 1-to-1 training & coaching.

Join a variety of live online exercise classes - designed to be inclusive of long-term conditions.

Membership Options


Access to Wellbeing Platform with resources

Access to online exercise classes & timetable

1 x 30-minute Health Coaching Session/ month



Access to Wellbeing Platform with resources 

Access to online exercise classes & timetable

2-hours of free Health Coaching Session/ month



Access to Wellbeing Platform with resources

Access to online exercise classes & timetable

4-hours of free Health Coaching Session/ month

Access to 5 x Accredited Wellbeing Courses per year.


* after your 7-day free trial, you will be billed the monthly amount each month until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel anytime.