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dont tone alone Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson

Managing Director

Chris started Don’t Tone Alone because he wanted to bring health and fitness services to everyone, especially those who would benefit from them the most.

Educated up to an MSc degree, Chris holds numerous certificates in a number of fitness disciplines and specialises in weight management as well as functional strength training. Learning and putting these studies into practice is his backbone.

It’s not all work and no play though, as he loves his rugby, beach volleyball, swimming, cycling and generally any chance to get out in the sun! His most recent interests include obstacle races and triathlons.

dont tone alone - Pat Fitzsimons

Pat Fitzsimons

Charity Professional

Pat Fitzsimons is a charity professional that has served as the CEO of a range of charities over the past 11 years. Prior to taking up the CEO role Pat worked for the social housing and local government sectors in addition to the charity world. Pat is an expert in getting the most out of charities and social enterprises, turning often wilting organisations, into thriving bedrocks of the community. Pat is enthusiastic as well as in touch with issues that effect charities as businesses and vehicles for social change. It is with a great honour Pat is a member of Don’t Tone Alone CIC’s board of directors.

dont tone alone - Michelle Ballantyne

Michelle Ballantyne


Michelle has over 31 years experience helping charities and businesses develop comprehensive and robust financial systems. Michelle’s speciality in creating cost effective and practical solutions is extremely important when working to improve Don’t Tone Alone CIC’s community investment while growing as a socially responsible company. In addition Michelle is a trained Nutrition and Weight Management advisor and has extensive experience running nutrition and weight management in the community both commercially and for marginalised client groups.

Michelle has proved vital for many organisations when trying to improve decision-making and create a proficient working environment. With her solutions-focussed approach, she is an asset to any organisation and helps pave the way to increasing the true value of Don’t Tone Alone CIC, the impact we make in the communities we serve.

dont tone alone - Dolores O'Donoghue

Dolores O'Donoghue

Partnerships, Policy development & Administration

Dolores worked in a senior role for a major trade union for over 20 years and has a wealth of skills and knowledge in the area of policy development and administration. She promoted partnership working between employers and employees, developing positive relationships through training projects, supported by successful bids for government funding. She also worked on the campaigns for the Disability Discrimination Act and the regulation of the Security Industry, liaising with Members of Parliament, Civil Servants and Industry Bodies. Dolores held Expert Status on the EU Social Dialogue Committee on the Security Industry. Following retirement Dolores took on the role of Vice-Chair of a local charity, reorganising it’s structure and policies to successfully meet funding criteria. Dolores was a Carer for 6 years and has personal knowledge of the challenges carers face on a day-to-day basis. Dolores is also a Dementia Friend.

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