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Training with Don’t Tone Alone will improve your knowledge of how to achieve the fitness goals you desire, AND give you the tools to reach them.


Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C. believes that health and fitness should be accessible to all, and so works with all members of the community, focusing on those who face the greatest barriers to exercise, physical activity and healthy nutrition.

At the heart of our health-training projects are the lives of unpaid carers. This is because of the complexity of their caring roles and the barriers to health they encounter as a result. Projects are designed and centred on these experiences and delivered with empathy, flexibility and understanding to ensure the greatest impact to health is made. Most of the training team has been or currently are unpaid carers. The team meets regularly to ensure that there is a solution to any problem, and that quality services are always delivered.

With Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C. you don’t just get an exercise class, a one-to-one training session, or a motivational talk. You get a health project that changes lives and makes a sustainable difference to the lives of those in need.

Chris Robertson

Company Director

Chris started Don’t Tone Alone because he wanted to bring health and fitness services to everyone, especially those who would benefit from them the most.

Educated up to an MSc degree, Chris holds numerous certificates in a number of fitness disciplines and specialises in weight management as well as functional strength training. Learning and putting these studies into practice is his backbone.

It’s not all work and no play though, as he loves his rugby, beach volleyball, swimming, cycling and generally any chance to get out in the sun! His most recent interests include obstacle races and triathlons.

Francisco Canizo

Personal Trainer

Martial Arts fanatic Fran began training in 2006. After noticing a difference in both mind and body he decided to qualify as a level 3 instructor offering fun and personalised cardio workouts using martial arts techniques. He finds these effective when clients ask him for great for weight loss programmes especially, but loves throwing in functional resistance training to make you stronger for everyday activities.

Additionally as NLP practitioner Fran’s skills guide clients to becoming and remaining self-motivated in an approach specific to you.

Fran Bakovic

Personal Trainer

Fran’s MSc background in Kinesiology means he is always researching the most effective ways to train the body. Extremely motivated to ensure clients get the most out of his sessions and as a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor he believes that he can give clients a range of exercises no matter the environment or training tools provided.

Originally from Croatia, but having moved all over the world, he speaks a number of languages including Chinese. Fran believe that being a student of the world makes every session with him a chance to learn, not only develop your fitness.

Basia Izyk

Personal Trainer

Basia is the very definition of determination and commitment. She will never give up and is the testament to strength we all hope to see in our lives. It is for this reason that Basia is not only a highly qualified personal trainer, but also an inspiration to work with.

Previously a national level table tennis player, Basia knows how to make sessions fun yet competitive enough to always make you want to do better each time. Qualified to work with various long-term conditions and lower back pain issues, Basia is knowledgeable but empathetic to the needs of our service users. She will listen but then expect action.

Basia loves boxing, tennis and table tennis… and always up for a challenge!


Personal Trainer

JP is an experienced trainer with a love for instructing all things that make you sweat but have a great time doing so. JP is trained in almost any type of exercise to music class you can think of and has developed Dancercise with Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C., an inclusive dance workout for all abilities. Knowledgeable and understanding, JP helps clients work through discomfort, and realise the fun behind the art of investing in yourself.

JP also has an interest in Autism and is continually reading into ways nutrition and exercise can help support those with the condition. He is a DJ at heart and his class playlists are renowned for getting motivation raised along with class heart rates.

Tracey Davis

Specialist Pilates Instructor

Tracey’s inclusive vision means she sees Pilates as far more than just exercise but an opportunity for everyone regardless of age or level of fitness. She loves helping clients regain strength, mobility, stability and most of all their confidence to tackle challenges of everyday life.

After successful careers in fashion, design and theatre, Tracey is now leading the way for Pilates having worked with prominent brands and reputable names. Tracey was initially led to Pilates to reduce pain from sciatica and is now a non-specific lower back pain specialist and a member of BackCare the UK charity for healthier backs.

When Tracey isn’t aligning the world to a picture of health, she enjoys cycling, yoga, running and spending times with her children. She has keen interest in food, so feel free to ask her for the recipe to one of her vegetarian masterpieces.

Michelle Ballantyne

Weight Management Trainer

Outgoing and multi-talented, psychology graduate, Michelle has always been weight conscious. After being part of Weight Watchers, Light Life and trying more diets than hot dinners, Michelle realised that the reason her weight would fluctuate so much was due to a lack of mindful eating and knowing how to manage her diet in a way that’s sustainable for her. Now Michelle uses her wealth of experience to help others do the same and enjoys an active lifestyle as a result. You’ll regularly find her in the gym and more recently in Obstacle Course races.

Daniel Raad

Social Media and Marketing Intern

Rather than travel the world or dive straight into higher education after finishing his A-levels, Daniel decided to gain experience at Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C. His interest in health and the psychological, social, and physical impact of exercise comes from his personal experience of training. Daniel is excited to be part of something that makes a difference to the most marginalised communities.

For more information on how to access our exercise services,
please contact the office by email or telephone: 075805 19626.