I needed someone to push me!

JudithMaggie has been caring for her 37-year-old son for the past year and was feeling the strain by the time she signed up for one-to-one exercise with Don’t Tone Alone. 

Maggie explains: “My son had septic pneumonia and he has trouble with walking, as he has weakness in his legs. I’m usually healthy, but I found I was getting pains in my arms and shoulders when I was helping him and carrying his shopping.”

Maggie enjoyed the challenge of doing lunges, press-ups and arm exercises with weights, with her Don’t Tone Alone trainer.

“I used to just do chair exercises, but I enjoyed doing more.", Maggie said, "It has definitely helped me – I’m not getting pains in my arms and shoulders now, and my legs have got a bit stronger from the lunges.”

Since her sessions ended, Maggie has continued with the exercises on her own, but she admits, “I need someone to push me really. My trainer was good, because I can give up after two or three reps when I’m on my own, but he pushed me to do a bit more.”

Maggie says she would certainly recommend Don’t Tone Alone.

“It was good to have someone to get me started – and I haven’t given up yet. But I’d like to find a group somewhere now, to carry it on.”



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