Obesity: Questioning the Motives of Our Information Sources

Where does our knowledge on health and wellbeing come from?

Who should we listen to for health advice?

Why do we listen to the health advice of some more than others, and how can this help us create healthier communities?

Fit By Phone Case Study (Lisa)

Don't Tone Alone CIC continues to provide solutions to those who need support the most.

Providing Community Support for the Unsung Heroes

Don’t Tone Alone CIC, providing Community Support for the Unsung Heroes in the midst of the Global Pandemic.


We look at an article in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine which sounds more complicated than it is. And is simpler than it looks.

Focus on the good

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a phenomenal world event. It has caused immense chaos. At the onset, disbelief set in, followed by fear, then panic…

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