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Alasdair McNabb: A real focus on improving my fitness

Alasdair began training with Francisco from Don’t Tone Alone in the spring of 2016. He says: “All of the sessions have been really good.”

Alasdair cares for his mother, who is 83, which can “at times be depressing and frustrating”. He is currently applying for jobs in the finance industry, where he has previous experience, and was waiting to hear the outcome of three job interviews at the same bank when we spoke to him. “The referendum’s had an impact,” he said. “But I’m still hopeful of gainful employment.”

In the meantime, Alasdair has been pleased to take up the Don’t Tone Alone offer – particularly as he had a knee injury some months ago, which meant he put on weight.
“Getting fit is a great opportunity for me. It’s been a combination of things. A real focus on improving my fitness by building my inner core, rather than my external muscles, and by working on my posture.

“It hasn’t just been physical, it’s been mental as well. Francisco has pushed me to a degree and I’m fitter, healthier and mentally more positive.”
Alasdair was forced to take a short break from the sessions after a minor back injury, but was looking forward to restarting in the near future.

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