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Marie: The key is making the time

Carer to a severely learning disabled daughter for the past 32 years, Marie also works full time. With limited time to exercise, she jumped at the chance to take up the offer of personal training with Don’t Tone Alone.

“Exercise is something I’m passionate about and I think it’s a good thing for my daughter to see,” she said. “I thought this could be a good way to get tips about how to fit in exercise between caring and work.”

Marie found the sessions with Chris spot on. “I used to do a lot of running – I still do five kilometres once a week – so my lower body is fairly fit and strong. But I wasn’t doing enough for my upper body.

“Chris helped me with exercises to strengthen my arms, shoulders and core muscles. I’ve seen the benefits already. How do all those pop stars maintain a flat stomach? I don’t know, but we’re getting there!

“It was really useful working with Chris and I’m now keeping it up. During the cold weather especially, exercising at home is really good. I can get home from work at 5.30pm and work on the exercises for 45 minutes or so. The key is making the time.

“I think offering this service is one of the best things the carers’ group has ever done. I find that carers like myself – caring for adult children – get very little help. Elderly carers get a lot of support and there is support for younger carers with children. We fit in the middle and there isn’t much for us. But this time, the offer was just right and very helpful.”

For more information on how to access our exercise services,
please contact the office by email or telephone: 075805 19626.