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Rose: I needed someone to push me!

Rose has been caring for her 37-year-old son for the past year and was feeling the strain by the time she signed up for one-to-one exercise with Don’t Tone Alone.

Rose explains: “My son had septic pneumonia and he has trouble with walking, as he has weakness in his legs.

“I’m usually healthy, but I found I was getting pains in my arms and shoulders when I was helping him and carrying his shopping.”

Rose enjoyed the challenge of doing lunges, press-ups and arm exercises with weights, with Chris from Don’t Tone Alone. “I used to just do chair exercises, but I enjoyed doing more.

“It has definitely helped me – I’m not getting pains in my arms and shoulders now, and my legs have got a bit stronger from the lunges.”

Since her sessions ended, Rose has continued with the exercises on her own, but she admits: “I need someone to push me really. Chris was good, because I can give up after two or three when I’m on my own, but he pushed me to do a bit more.”

Rose says she would certainly recommend Chris and Don’t Tone Alone: “It was good to have someone to get me started – and I haven’t given up yet. But I’d like to find a group somewhere now, to carry it on.”

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