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Rumana Omar: Doing the exercises I love

Personal training with Don’t Tone alone gave Rumana Omar a rare opportunity to focus on exercise alongside her role as a carer.

“I work full-time as an academic and researcher, and I used to care for both my parents, with a paid carer while I was at work or went out,” Rumana explains.

“But my father passed away in November and I’m now caring for my mother, who has become more disabled with a fractured hip. She is also a bit low emotionally. It means I’m not able to go out and socialise any more, because I couldn’t leave her with anyone but family, and I’m an only child and widow.”

Rumana is particularly sad that she has had to give up her Indian classical dance sessions and Pilates classes. So, the offer of six sessions of exercise with Sandra from Don’t Tone Alone were really welcome.

“It went well. Sandra was flexible about coming late in the evening when I got home from work and I was able to do the Pilates I love, without having to worry about my mother. The sessions were around strengthening my core, with lots of breathing and stretches to help with my posture and with the lifting I have to do,” she says. The sessions made a real difference to her health too. “I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my pulse rate had become very rapid. My GP thought it was lack of exercise. Since the classes, my BP has come down and my pulse rate has come back down to normal, like it used to be. I feel fitter too.”

Rumana admits that she’s the sort of person who likes to do classes, but she has tried to keep up her exercise regime on her own at home. “I try to do a little bit in the morning,” she says. If further sessions had been on offer, she would definitely have taken them. “Sandra was good and did understand what I needed,” she says.

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