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Vanita Singh: Weight and wellbeing

Vanita Singh opted for personal training with Don’t Tone Alone, “for my wellbeing and because, though I’m not large, I was putting on a bit of weight”.

Vanita explains: “I’m 45 and a single mother, with three children aged 15, 13 and 8. My 15-year-old daughter has special needs and I’m her carer. I don’t work currently as I’ve got my hands full.”

Vanita had her sessions in the spring of 2016 – but with so many commitments and with children going sick, had to rearrange once or twice. All the same, “the sessions worked,” she says.

“We did warm-up exercises, then loads of exercises to strengthen my back. My back gets quite tired and my neck gets stressed. We concentrated on my back, legs, thighs and tummy. After the first session, we built up the exercises. I was quite achey afterwards and tired and sweating, which is always a good sign!”

Vanita found her trainer, ‘Macho’, “a really sweet guy. He was so friendly. He didn’t make you feel stupid – even though I’m not someone who does exercise much. He gave me lots of encouragement.”

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