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Working with organisations across the UK to improve the health and fitness of marginalised members of the community.

Exercise projects

Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C. delivers professional, accessible and empathetic health training services to marginalised members of the community, in particular unpaid carers and those with long-term health conditions. We work with organisations and community groups whose beneficiaries find it challenging to access mainstream health and fitness provision and deliver systematic, monitored and evaluated projects, which enable beneficiaries to transition through a cycle of change for improved health and well-being.

Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C.’s exercise projects typically provide either one-to-one training and/or exercise classes. Our qualified and experienced team of professional trainers will ensure positive relationships are built with exercise and fitness, so that beneficiaries become more knowledgeable, confident, and healthier.

What we do

One-to-One Training

Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C. has absorbed and fused together years of experience from the fitness industry and caring to deliver effective, empathetic and enriching services. All trainers are trained and experienced in recognizing barriers to health and fitness and work with our beneficiaries to build sustainable and enjoyable exercise programmes into their busy lives.

Exercise Groups

Don’t Tone Alone C.I.C. runs a variety of exercise classes and groups. Exercise classes include Boxercise, Pilates, Circuits, and our own fusion workouts such as Dancercise and Ener-chi! Exercise groups include walking groups, and light intensity exercise for those with long term health conditions.

Those who take part on average experience:
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Participant case studies
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For more information on how to access our exercise services,
please contact the office by email or telephone: 075805 19626.