Nutrition and Weight Management Training Guide


The book is designed to help those individuals who wish 
to manage their weight better but perhaps feel like they lack appropriate advice 
and support to do so in their daily lives.

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The content of this book has been developed from years of experience of working with a
 range of people who have truly struggled to manage their nutrition without a medical reason. Don’t Tone Alone CIC specialises in working with individuals and community groups who find 
it difficult to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. Unpaid carers are a core population Don’t Tone Alone CIC works with. This is because carers often devote their lives to supporting others, taking very little time to look after themselves. This training guide (as well as many others Don’t Tone Alone CIC produces), along with their projects and services, are dedicated 
to being accessible and understanding of the hardship experienced by those with physical 
and mental health conditions, and their unpaid carers.

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