Workplace Wellbeing - Deskletics

What is Deskletics?

Deskletics is a fun, innovative, and accessible competitive well-being programme used to promote physical activity, positive mental health, and peer interaction, accessed through smart phones, tablets, or computers.

The programme involves a variety of inclusive activities and challenges that are performed over a minimum of a 2-week period. Well-being points are won or lost through each activity and there are non-competitive games such as mindfulness practices, which means there is something for everyone.

What outcomes you can expect?

  • Participants have improved physical activity levels
  • Participants interact better with others
  • Negative habits are replaced with more positive habits that improve physical and mental health.
  • There is more opportunity to talk about health and topics that affect people who may otherwise find it hard to engage in them
  • Participants have fun and have improved mental well-being
  • Healthy competition is cultivated among participants
  • Medals and prizes are given out at the end of the week for “winners”.


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