Fit By Phone

Fit By Phone is an innovative way of connecting people together for healthy living groups and training courses. Using telephone and videoconferencing, a number of well-being courses are ran which include nutrition and weight management, and mindfulness. Courses run over eight week periods and come with their own eBook that provides reference material for participants to use during and after the course.

Workplace Wellbeing - Well done

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Improved accessibility to advice, information, and peer support as people can connect with each other at a distance. Participants are able to share and provide each other with health and well-being solutions.
  • Improved problem solving, constructive feedback and unity among teams and groups of people, without individuals having to travel or be physically present.
  • People are connected to empathetic and experienced professionals who lead and facilitate groups to enhance their health. These professionals are also available to group members as their personal, remote fitness advisor for the duration of the Fit By Phone course.
  • Reduced social isolation and feelings of being disconnected from social support.
  • Improved sustainable healthy living skills which earn participants CPD points



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