An Introduction to Mindfulness

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It is proposed by scientists that we have around 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts each day. Although this number differs depending on the source, I think we can all agree that it’s a lot of thoughts. Some of these thoughts are useful, and some of them are outrageous. Some of them are positive, and some of them are negative. Some we are aware of, and others we are not. Because our thoughts have the power to influence the things we feel and the things we do, it is important to recognise their impact on our lives. The process of becoming increasingly aware of our thoughts and understanding what to do with that information in the present is what is popularly referred to as mindfulness.

The authors of this book are by no means experts in the field of mindfulness. However, it is a core belief of Don’t Tone Alone CIC that improved health and well-being can be achieved from positive physical, mental, emotional, and environmental processes. It is also important to recognise that no approach to better health and well-being starts without looking at one’s self first. It is a personal journey, one which will take many different paths but will be all walked by you. It is our hope that if you are walking a path now and feel unsure or alone, that this book will help guide you to a place you feel happier and hopeful.

Self-reflection is a theme throughout Don’t Tone Alone CIC’s training, from nutrition and weight management to physical activity and exercise. Where the idea of health and well-being has become even more depersonalised and unrealistic, it is even more important to reconnect with ourselves and ask what we need to do to take action to better look after ourselves and why this is important. On our quest to enhanced health, this process should be revisited as often as possible. It is by better understanding ourselves that we can look at ways in which to improve. By becoming more mindful over our thoughts, actions and behaviours we can become more patient, resilient, relaxed, and true to ourselves, and the person we want to become.

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