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Deskletics is the fun way to keep active in a desk-based environment. Trying to stop smoking? Trying to avoid the biscuit tin? Trying to stay energised at work? Feel the benefits and compete against work colleagues with Deskletics and be crowned champion by winning Well-Being Points. We can take you through the Deskletics Championship from start to finish.

This is a guide to work-based games that inject fun, healthy competition and enthralling physical activity into your daily lives.

Yes, Deskletics is more than a ‘get fit at work routine’ and more of a ‘let’s spice up office life… (Without getting reported)’ way of living. Deskletics is designed to work anywhere there is a working environment situated around desks. This is because when people are sitting for long periods of time, their physical activity levels are low. With low physical activity levels, there is the risk of acute health problems such as lower back pain, and even long-term conditions over time. Plus, moving more feels good. It raises our mood; helps with concentration levels, and in the context of games can help us connect with others better.

Games are the perfect way to move more. As children, we learn through games. We come to appreciate fairness, respect, and the power of cooperation. We use our imagination, develop our coordination, and utilise our muscles for the greatest and smallest of tasks alike. We also laugh and connect with others, forming bonds, and becoming welcomed into new groups of friends. We also learn how to compete, how to win, and how to lose graciously.

Play is important. There is an argument that games should not happen in the workplace. We disagree. With the correct balance and the correct games, workplaces can thrive. Instead of people leaving their desks when they go to make a cup of tea or coffee (usually because the need a break), why not have co-workers turn to each other and play a quick energising game? You would do it ina training day… what’s so different at work? Deskletics can be used anywhere that work is desk-based. For this reason, it doesn’t just have to be used in offices but may also be used effectively in schools and colleges. It has something for everyone and the results are only happier and healthier lives. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Deskletics, so here is how it works…

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