Nutrition and Weight Management

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We live in a world that is saturated with inconsistent “information” that tell us what we should eat, what is healthy, how to lose weight etc. Science and fashion are almost interchangeable and social media rules all when it comes to creating trends.

Therefore Don’t Tone Alone CIC has designed the Nutrition and Weight Management Training Guide that cuts through this noise and gives practical, simple yet highly effective advice. The content of the book has been developed over years of running nutrition and weight management courses and making sure the information is non-conflicting, simple and achievable.

At Don’t Tone Alone CIC we believe that every body is different and that everyone should look at what they eat, how they eat, and why they engage have the behaviours they do. Once we understand our habits and their evolution, we can understand if they serve us well or interfere with the way we relate to our food. This eBook will hopefully help you to reconnect you with your body and fill you with nutritional confidence.

This eBook is packed full of solutions, so give it a go and make life a little more delicious.

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