Who we work for.

The Challenge

You want to engage people to make a difference to their health and well-being. You want to invest your efforts in initiatives that bring about tangible and sustainable results. You want to reach beyond the current beneficiary groups, clients, teams, and individuals you are working with, and to affect those who are harder-to-reach, perhaps those with more complex health needs. You want to do this professionally without impact to staff time or resources and be able to demonstrate a return on investment.

The Methodology

From education, experience, and empathy, Don’t Tone Alone CIC has a unique methodology to help organisations go from having the desire to impact beneficiary health to actually making it happen. Our expertise will help you consult prospective service users, then we can design, implement, and evaluate projects to demonstrate substantial changes in health and well-being.

The Solution

We are a community interest company. Our interest is in your community: focussed on finding healthy solutions in unhealthy circumstances. Don’t Tone Alone CIC is committed to serving these communities and once engaged, we will capture project outcomes to help you understand your service users, teams, and people better. We will give you the tools for sustainability and an opportunity to create even greater social impact.


As a Community Interest Company our profits are reinvested back into developing and delivering services to the communities we serve. By working with us, you will be making a difference to your clients, teams, staff, and beneficiaries, as well as people in the wider community who struggle to improve their health and well-being. Through our extensive network of charitable partners, we will be ensure your business gives back to the communities who need the support we offer. Work with us and make a difference.

Address: 22 Redway Drive, Twickenham, TW2 7NX
Telephone: 07580 519 626


Company Number: 07213388
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